About Us

We are a couple of creatives sharing our love for photography and travel. Discovering new outdoors, cultures, people is what make our hearts race even more. And by traveling in other countries, where locals may appear to be more connected to nature and more aware of the stakes to protect it, we realize how much, as Westerners, we tend to take a lot of things for granted. A fact not easily spoken, probably because we are an increasing number of people to question our behaviors, maybe feeling the guiltiness for each act of purchase in the everyday life. Sometimes, feeling powerless and even angry being so tied up to corporative systems that we didn’t even choose. 

However, there is a close link between the act of consumption and its impact on the life of a stranger on the other side of the world. Or on a forest we find beautiful scrolling on Instagram, but we hardly imagine it being nibbled each year because the demand on raw materials is far too intense…

So we decided to create The Gaia Project. It is named after our daughter, who gave us the will to push further our questioning. And she is named herself after the Greek goddess Gaïa, the personification of the Earth. 

Olivier, is a self-taught photographer who’s been working for more than ten years, and have explored several fields like architecture, fashion, nature photography or drone photography. But what definitely keeps his motor running is photo report. It is probably where in photography you have to be the most humble and honest. To your subject, to your future viewers, and to yourself.

« For me, photography is a passion and a commitment towards nature. It’s a medium that enables to point at the fraility of humankind and the absolute necessity to save the beauty of this planet. I like to work depending on my encounters, spontaneously and intuitively.

I am constantly looking for the ephemeral beauty in everything, at every moment. More than ever, photography is a way to pause what changes and fades away so fast. In order to show and inspire to act. » Olivier

Hasitha, is a graphic designer who worked for a women’s magazine since 2009. Passionate about craft work, drawing, materials and colors, she likes to get inspired by nature which is « key to everything ». 

« We decided to create the organization by combining our professional skills and our creative spirits, and put them at the service of others who share the same interests. People who are dedicated to the protection of the planet and preservation of its biodiversity. The Gaia Project will promote and sell photographic works whose entire proceeds will be donated to NGOs working on nature conservation. Throughout photography, we hope to raise awareness among a large public on the importance of this effort and in the meantime, show the beauty and diversity of our Dear Mother Earth. » Hasitha