Stand Up For Elephants

Sauraha was the « unexpected» part of our journey in Nepal. We keep a sweet memory of this place ; strolling through the streets, rice fields and villages, hiking in the Chitwan national park, coming face to face with a rhino 😳... but above all, those heartwarming smiles encountered that will make your head spin.

So, by discovering the incredible work of Stand up for Elephants, it seemed even more obvious to us that the first TGP fundraising would go to their foundation. SU4E's main goal is to provide domestic elephants in the region with a life untied from the tourism industry. And this effort is accompanied by support for local communities, and raising awareness among younger generations.
SU4E works directly with the community in a number of ways, by partnering with local organic farmers and young Nepali entrepreneurs, promoting progressive ideas like empowerment of women and visiting schools to educate the next generation about elephants.
They made their first rescue, Eva, at the end of 2019 and then Lhamo came along at the end of 2020. 
Thanks to our first collectors/donators, we were able to give 337 euros to SU4E.
If you wish to learn more, go visit
Image courtesy of Stand of for Elephants.